Success Story

Starting Career Journey as A Sales Consultant Trainee

Farrel, a graduate of the bababos Sales Trainee (now officially a Consultant at bababos), finds the program’s opportunities interesting. He aims to maximise his career potential as a recent graduate. Farrel is currently being represented as a Sales Consultant for East Jakarta Area.

Only The Best Individuals, Creating Supportive Environment

East Team consists of a diverse bend of consultants (from Junior to Director). It all somehow completes each other’s sales perspective. There’s a routine we’ve shared to strengthen the power of the Team.

Even for a week, we have our internal routine such as morning briefing, Jumat Belajar, and so on.

Hold on, our bond is not just talking about “sales this” and “sales that”. There is, you know, indirect strong bond that comes after we facing hard times together during the work, then the genuine relationship pops up like we’re meant to be. The process won’t betray the outcome.

Teamwork Impacting Career

Teamwork Impacting Career

Just as bababos Culture, “Be Open,” makes communication here a breeze, as simple as GChat/WhatsApp. Even with direct chat. So, Farrel is always open to discussing his insights, even across different levels or divisions.

Constant Learning & Mentorship

Even though everyone has their own targets, we’re all about teamwork. We share stories about customers and how to fix things when they get tricky. The learnings were about:

  • Sales ninja moves,
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Navigating customer objections,

It’s like learning the smart way, so we don’t make the same mistakes.

The Right Mentor

There was a time when Farrel dedicated a whole 5 months to grow a customer bond and lock in the deal.

In the thick of the customer chase, guess who had his back? His Director, Dwi!Farrel didn’t feel like a lone ranger in his struggles; he was open to any feedback/learnings and he had the ultimate backup for maximum support.

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