Success Story

It’s Not About Becoming The 1st Place in Olympics

‘Only The Best’ means being the best in your own field. It’s about having a sense of ownership in what you do, putting your heart into it, contributing to every discussion, and being open to gain new insight from each other.

Put Your Heart Into It, Really,

It sounds cliche, but do your work wholeheartedly. Then, you’ll bring your best naturally. Don’t forget to add ‘color’ on what you do, it’s what makes the result beyond nice.

Do your best. Keep learning.

The process won’t betray the outcome.

Challenge Let You Grow

It’s not always smooth sailing; there are bumps along the way.

Well, that’s okay. All those challenges will let you grow. I become more adaptive and think faster when facing change.

If you embrace a desire to learn, the first individual to feel its impact is yourself. Not the company. Not the team members.

Bonus Round!

If you embrace a desire to learn, the first person to feel its impact is yourself. So learn and learn, optimize your potential. These are a few ways to optimize it:

  • Always give your best and do it wholeheartedly. Remember, you’ll be the first to gain the benefits, not the company. By consistently giving your best, you can measure your capabilities, continually improve them, and perhaps someday determine what work or role brings you the most joy, adding extra value to yourself.
  • Time is limited, so manage it well. Use various tools or even Google Calendar to organize your time. The goal is to enhance your focus and commitment to your tasks. Efficiently manage your energy to get optimal results.
  • Mastering 2 skills that you continuously hone. It’s fine to be a generalist, but being a generalist with 2 spikes increases your value. If one skill becomes obsolete due to changing times, you still have another weapon.
  • Empty your glass. Be open to learning anything from anyone. This includes being receptive to all kinds of feedback. It doesn’t mean you have to accept all information blindly. Listen first, digest, and align it with your life values.

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