Success Story

What It Takes to Have Grit & 5 Its Important Characteristics

1. Have Courage

Iklillah, or Ila, aims to work in a professional capacity. Previously a small and medium-scale entrepreneur, she has a basic understanding about the business processes. She’s demonstrating courage, even if she needs to adapt to a new environment.

2. Conscientiousness Achievement Oriented

There are a few months when her customer account hits rock bottom. She faces the challenge head-on, saying, “Is this all I’ve got?” & won’t let that happen for a long time. She aims for the gold, not silver, nor bronze.

3. Long-Term Goals and Endurance Follow Through

Ila has a clear career goal at bababos. Through a challenging journey, she endures and consistently pushes herself to the maximum, staying committed. This drives her towards one ultimate goal: Becoming a Consultant at bababos.

4. Resilience Optimism, Confidence, and Creativity

Whether as a KOAS or a Consultant, her challenge remains the same: Winning tight sales battles in the manufacturing industry. But Ila embraces challenge openly, she gathered insight from her manager and her previous learnings.

Once, Ila relentlessly fought to ensure her customer. Ila never backed down. It took at least 7 months to secure the deal. As of now, the customer’s business is growing with bababos & has become our loyal customer!

5. Strive for Excellence

Fueled by her growth mindset, she’s on a mission to outdo herself, chasing excellence and embodying her best self. No wonder she was once remarked as the Superstar of the Month. Good job, Ila!

The Exciting Journey

  • Classroom Thrills; Dive into the business, product knowledge, and sales skills, uncover things around risk, operations, and the art of making a sale.
  • On-The-Field Adventures; Ila jumps into action, putting her training to the test with real customers, paired up with consultant buddies for some dynamic duo action, even handling customer Requests for Quotation feels like hitting the jackpot.
  • KOAS; Ila goes solo, no more training wheels, evaluation time: success in this phase seals the graduation deal.
  • Sales Consultant; Ila becomes a verified consultant of bababos, yeay!


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